Just a Hoodie on a mission to prevent suicide and improve mental health by encouraging YOU to

Start Living For Today


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  • Sabine - Premium, Super Soft, Heavyweight Hoodie in Honey Suckle Pink

    I couldn't be happier with my new hoodie, it feels like I'm getting a hug when I'm wearing it. It's the warmest hoodie I've ever had. I absolutely love the thumb holes in the sleeves, it's probably the best quality hoodie I've ever had. It has a small secure pocket inside the big pocket for a phone or keys. It's beautiful, I love it, I don't want to take it off.

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  • Lindsey A

    Lindsey clearly felt empowered after receiving her wrist band and couldn't wait to get out and place her QR code sticker in an effective spot in her local area.

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  • Kelly - Premium, Super Comfy, Lightweight Hoodie in Surf Blue

    I honestly LOVE my 'Start Living For Today' hoodie. It is great quality and the attention to detail is next to none. I am an active person so to have a hoodie that keeps up with my active lifestyle as well as my down time is amazing. THANK YOU!

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  • Craig S

    Craig Absolutely loved his wrist band and felt great knowing he was aslo donating to such an incredible charity (Suicide Prevention UK)

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  • Kalum - Premium, Super Comfy, Lightweight Hoodie in Black

    Awesome hoodie, great quality and brilliant service.

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  • David Welsh - 2 x Premium, Super Comfy, Lightweight Hoodies in Purple & Baby Pink

    Brought these for my wife who totally loves them, she even said that I do occasionally get somethings right.

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Why Start Living For Today?

My goal for creating Start Living For Today is to encourage people to Start Living. In particular to encourage those who may feel that their lack of self belief, self confidence, depression or anxiety is what holds them back from actually LIVING, this is where the 'FOR TODAY' part comes in. Start Living For Today sounds much more realistic and easier to achieve (especially for someone who may be struggling) in comparison to just Start Living 'In a General sense' as it's just 'Today' that you really need to focus on. 

The idea of putting my messages and logo on hoodies came from my love of a good hoodie, for me my hoodie is like a comfort blanket which enables me to lift my hood, close the world off and create a kind of tunnel vision. I can bow my head and hide my face. 

The main benefit of putting these messages and logo on my hoodie is, it means I can still share a valuable message, help others to keep going, show them that they are not alone. Even when I don't feel like talking I can still communicate in a positive way. So I thought why not make hoodies for others so they can do the same. So if you're ever feeling a bit 'shit' or even if your not you can go out without having to put on a brave face or forcing a smile knowing that you're still positively helping others in this world just by being here wearing this message and displaying this logo 'The Modern Ankh'.